Shared Solitude

You look at them, you observe them and you can perfectly feel that break in time that happens when they are alone, with themselves, in their innermost world, diving among their thoughts and feelings.

And it’s then when that symbiosis occurs between their solitude and your look, when you shoot, so that solitude of theirs stop being so much, so that it becomes shared.

You trust that your shoot will kill that solitude a bit .

Who knows, perhaps just in that moment the solitude gets scared, it gives you both some respite and it disappears for an instant.


Exhibition at Café Libertad 8 (C/Libertad, 8). Madrid. June-August 2015.

Exhibition at La Simona (Plaça Peixateries Velles). Reus. Desember-April 2016.

Exhibition at Casal de les Dones de Reus (Pl. de la Patacada, 9). Reus. May 2016.