Faith and Tradition

Easter 2015.Fuente Obejuna, Córdoba. Spain.

Fuente Obejuna, besides being one of the best known plays of the Spanish playwright Lope de Vega, it is the hometown of my mother and a second home to me. Since I was born I have been there every year (summer, Christmas, Easter) … And I’ve always felt that feeling of going back to that Spain of the fifties where they still ask you “What about you, who you are from?”. Located on a hill in the valley of the river Guadiato, its history of revolutionary village can be breathed walking through its narrow and steep streets with its whitewashed houses and balconies full of colorful flowers.

In Fuente Obejuna people live, feel, cry and enjoy Easter, but above all they believe in it. Faith breathes in the atmosphere, from children who look enthralled the Saints up to the elderly who pray inside and feel that faith more than anybody else.

The smell of incense stains the streets while the processions of hooded brothers escort a dead body and a mother who mourns him. The silence is broken by the sound of a “saeta” that comes from the soul and then gives way to the funeral music of the municipal band. And all of this, always under the solemnity of faith.

This report is a reflection of that faith and tradition of its inhabitants, with all the respect and affection of someone who has lived it for many years.